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5 Reasons Why Facebook Advertising Is Perfect For Dental Offices

Facebook makes their money off advertising, and they make a lot of it. In 2016 they pulled in $27.6 billion, and this number is expected to grow.

These numbers may not be surprising, but the driving force behind the growth is something that should pique your interest.

Facebook isn’t growing their ad revenue from major corporations with huge ad budgets, they’re growing it because they’re broadening their advertising base. In fact, there’s more than 5 million companies now advertising on Facebook.

As a dental practice, you should be paying attention to this. Most of the growth Facebook has seen isn’t from large companies with huge ad budgets—it’s from companies of all sizes finding that Facebook is a profitable source of new customers.

And if you’re looking to get more patients in the door, you likely aren’t going to find a better ad platform than Facebook. Here’s the reasons why:

  1. Detailed Targeting

If you’re a dentist in Seattle, you certainly aren’t interested in advertising to someone in New York. You probably don’t even want someone more than, say, 30 miles away to see your ads. With Facebook, you can effectively target someone who’s in a certain geographical area, and fits whatever characteristics you’re looking for. We’ve found, for instance, that people who’ve recently moved to an area are more likely to be in the market for a dentist. You may want to target a certain income bracket, or younger people, who studies find are less likely to have a dentist.

  1. It’s Affordable

Compared to other digital advertising platforms (like AdWords), Facebook has a much lower cost per click (CPC) and typically a much better CPM (cost per 1000 people) and return on investment. Simply put, it’s easy to use a limited ad budget very effectively, and this is why so many small businesses are using it.

  1. Content Options

Unlike something like AdWords or a traditional advertisement, there’s a lot of different types of ads you can display on Facebook. Because of this, ads are more interesting and get more engagement. In addition to a basic still image, you can also create video ads, canvas ads, carousel ads, and more. Facebook’s always investing in different, new ways to advertise, and you can use this to your advantage to get more eyes on your content.

  1. People Can Sign Up, Without Having to Leave Facebook

If someone knows they need an appointment, they can sign up in a matter of seconds, without having to visit your site or give you a call. The best way to do this is Lead Ads, a form attached to your ad that allows people to put down their information. You can add whatever questions you want, including type of insurance, time of day available, etc.

  1. People Spend A Lot Of Time On Facebook

The average American spends 40 minutes on Facebook every day,

possibly more than any other website. Since the average website visit is 58 seconds, you aren’t going to find an advertising platform with better retention. And everyone is on Facebook. Out of the 81% of adults that use the Internet, about 75% of them are on Facebook. Meaning that, if you’re trying to advertise to everyone within a geographical area, Facebook is going to work better than anything else.

When used correctly, Facebook advertising works. And, especially because there’s a broad range of people that dental offices can attract, it’s the perfect platform for the industry.